Showroom: 10295 Main Street Suite 3 | Clarence, NY

Showroom: 10295 Main Street Suite 3 | Clarence, NY

Zoned Climate Control

Next to the remote control, the thermostat is the most common source of argument among families. Achieving domestic tranquility with the temperature of your house is as easy as having Envisions install a zoned climate control system (HVAC) into your house as it is being built.  It is possible to install zoned climate control into your existing spaces, let Envisions professionals come and take a look to see what custom solution can work best for you in your home or office.


What is zoned climate control?

Multiple thermostats enable distinct heating and cooling areas, each of which can be set to a different temperature and controlled through home automation on touch screens throughout the house.  Best of all, zoned HVAC can conserve energy by allowing you to lower the temperature in less used areas of the house and readjust when the space is occupied.  The thermostats can also be set by the home systems installer to adjust automatically according to your family's of office staff's schedule.

Zoned climate control relies on a series of automated dampers in your ducts that shift your air conditioning or heating controls according to need. For example, an HVAC damper might close in the ducts that lead downstairs in order to more effectively cool the upstairs.

A business or commercial space can benefit drastically from zoned climate control, and cut down on your monthly costs for your space.

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